Hello! Welcome to Missfab Beauty Lashes!

A brand striving to bring women together to feel confident, beautiful, and authenticity themselves!

My name is Viviana, I am the owner/founder of Missfab Beauty Lashes. I am a proud latina, running a women owned business and grateful to be in the beauty industry. I am passionate about the industry and how it can make one feel!

We proudly stand behind our premium lashes! Our lashes are made of synthetic fibers to hold curl and longevity. You will always hear our clients talk about how well Missfab Lashes hold. We have grown extremely over the years and have reached clients all over the states and internationally. The reason we stand out is our client relations and amazing quality LASHES.

We’ve worked closely with manufacturers to perfect the longevity, fluff and curl of our lashes.

We hold ourselves at a high standard when it comes to serving our clients. Our clients are what makes Missfab successful and they deserve the best service we can provide. Customer service is our top priority. We are not only solving problems but getting to know our clients and love putting names to faces!

There is much more in the works, and I want to personally thank you for being here and reading behind the blinds of Missfab Beauty Lashes. Our loving energy radiates through our products and will have you feeling authentically you! We hope you love our lashes as much as we do!

With Love and Lashes,


CEO/Missfab Beauty Lashes