Introducing Our Newest Styles

Hello loves! 

It's been an amazing ride putting styles together and introducing them to Missfab Beauty Lashes. It wouldn't be possible to be to do this without the love and support that i receive from you!

Throughout the journey of Missfab Beauty Lashes, i felt like i started to lose touch with a couple of styles that we've put into this collection. Taking our reviews into consideration i decided that i needed to go ahead and let go of a couple of our styles, including classy, deluxe, glitz, no manches, boss bit**, ect. these styles didn't meet certain standards and i want to be able to bring out styles you enjoy and will be worth your buck! 

In this blog post, i wanted to introduce our 3D silk lashes! I was jotting down ideas and ways that i could improve to bring out the best lashes for you, after talking with my manufacture on ways that we could bring a lash style that is more voluminous and curled to give you the best set of lashes that can be placed to your eye. We love a lash style that looks like you're wearing lash extensions a look that looks like your own set of lashes a style that will be worth wearing and fluttering throughout the day! 


  1. BABE
  2. KYLIE
  4. BOSS UP
  5. GOALS

I've had an amazing time putting these new styles together and i just hope for the biggest success with these! I will make it worth your time to scroll through our collection and find something you truly love, i do it for the support that you give me continuously.

Thank you to all my babes and love and support Missfab Beauty Lashes towards the end of the day! Boss up and upgrade your lash game babes! 


Much Love,

Missfab Beauty Lashes

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