Coffee + Lashes

Hello Loves!

By the title or photo of this blog post you're probably thinking, coffee? lashes? what? 

Yes! I wanted to tell you guys a bit about how my mornings are now being a business owner of Missfab Beauty Lashes. Sometimes, i think to myself how are you able to manage and do this on your own? It's been hard but i mean we all have those good and bad days. I wake up at 8AM every morning to start my day off. I use to be able to wake up at 7AM which for me would be more ideal but i go to sleep late no matter what i just can't be in bed before 9PM or 11PM, it's definitely impossible.

At 8AM i wake up get out of bed and head straight to my laptop. When you're a business owner, you have to just do it because how else will it manage? This is your brand so you do whatever you can to help it grow and run smoothly (my mindset). I head straight to my shopify admin page and start issuing orders, issuing orders means printing out the invoice which is a receipt page and printing out the shipping label. I'm thankful for shopify, they've helped me run my business smoothly which almost providing everything at the tip of my fingers.  

Processing orders is probably the best and fun part of my routine. I grab the invoice page and shipping label, slap that shipping label and grab the perfect pair of lashes and i always make sure that they look perfect! If the pair looks perfect into the bubble mailer it goes. I fold the invoice page place it in, i grab a postcard that provides contact info and hashtags to use so i can find you on instagram and share your photos! The best part, closing the package with a smile on my face because these products are going to people who support Missfab Beauty Lashes. To my regular customers, i remember your names and it's amazing how far you guys have came along with me! 

After i'm done processing orders, i head to my kitchen and make a cup of coffee. Brewed in the coffee maker into my 14 ounce cup it goes! Coffee helps me relax in a way, not in an addictive way. I drink coffee about 3 times a week, sometimes i drink tea more often than coffee. Coffee just makes me feel accomplished, especially after processing orders. BEST FEELING. 

By this time it's probably about 9:30AM, i'm rushing to my job. Missfab Beauty Lashes is more like my side job, i'm not to the point where i can only rely on Missfab Beauty Lashes as income because not much goes into my pocket, most of it goes to shopify fees, stock, packaging, mailers, paper, printer ink, ect. As long as i enjoy the process, i'm fine. Once i get into my car and i'm ready to go, the post office is close by my house, again thankful that the post office is nearby! I grab all the packages go inside and drop them off. From there, the morning is accomplished and the rest of the day i feel like nothing can stop me. 

Being an entrepreneur has taught me a lot. It's taught me patience, time managing, financial decisions, staying motivated, making goals and to stay genuine. Sometimes you lose yourself and its okay, you just have to keep going and making set goals to accomplish at the end. Trust me when i say, i love and enjoy what i do! 


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