Are your products cruelty-free?

  • Yes! We are a 100% cruelty-free brand. We have a mix of faux mink and synthetic lashes. AND YES, our lashes are reusable! 


When will my package arrive?

  • Once your order is placed its takes 2-3 days to process. Please refer to our ordering info page for more info on processing and shipping time.


I got a shipping confirmation, but the tracking number isn't updated?

  • When you receive a shipping confirmation with your tracking number, your tracking number usually takes up to 24 hours to update. 


I ordered this day, and it hasn't shipped yet.

  • Please refer to our processing time and shipping time. Keep in mind on days we have "sales," the demand is higher, and processing time extends. 


If I place an order and change my mind, can I cancel it?

  • After your order is placed, we can no longer cancel your order; this messes with our system and moving forward, we cannot cancel orders. Please be positive about your order.


Do you have a physical location?

  • We do not have a physical location at the moment. We are currently an online store only. 


My order never arrived and my tracking number says delivered.

  • If you have issues with this, please contact your local post office (we are not responsible for lost or stolen packages). Usually, USPS marks shipments as delivered but won't deliver until the next business day. If there is still no package, please contact your local USPS ASAP to help you find your package. Once it's out of our hands, we are not responsible for what USPS does with your parcel. Priority mail is usually the best way to ensure your package is safe.


What is priority shipping?

  • Priority shipping is an excellent option if you'd like to receive your package quicker and safer. Priority shipping is two-day shipping with insurance included provided by USPS. (priority shipping DOES NOT change the processing time)


Do you ship internationally? 

  • Yes! International shipping is available for Canada and the United Kingdom, we recommend to purchase more than one lash style to make your shipping charge worthwhile. We are not responsible for your tax duties fees.


When will you restock?

  • We usually restock every 2-3 weeks on styles that are out of stock. We cannot guarantee that your favorites will be restocked; this is just an estimate. We do discontinue lashes without notice.


What lashes are good to hooded eyes?

  • We like to say that those that are most natural are the best for hooded eyes. (KYLIE, BABY LITE, LASH DOLL, VOLUME) customers have said that most of our styles are good for their hooded eyes!


Why do we have to pay for a re-shipping fee?

  • We have these issues where a package comes back, and we have to reship it back due to an incorrect address. USPS no longer re-ships it if it has been returned to the seller. Due to an incorrect address, it is unfair to the company that we have to pay for a new shipping label due to an incorrect address. The re-shipping fee is $5 to purchase a new shipping label. Please, always make sure you're putting in your correct address to avoid extra charges.


I put an incorrect address, can you fix it?

  • If your order hasn't reached its processing stage, the shipping address can be changed. If you've received your shipping confirmation, we cannot fix your address. By the time you get your shipping confirmation, we have printed out the label with the address you have placed and shipped it out. If you just placed your order and can catch it quickly, email us your correct address to contact@missfabbeautylashes.com . Please always make sure your address is correct before place your order.


Do you have discount codes? 

  • Yes! You can always use promoter codes at checkout. We usually make discount sales here and there, so always check out our social media pages for the latest news or subscribe to our newsletter!


    How do I apply my lashes?

    Step one: remove the lashes from the case gently from both ends, do not tug for that will cause the lash to rip apart, so be gentle.


    Step two: remove excess glue from it being secured onto the case.


    Step three: Measure the lashes on your lash line and trim the excess from the outer corner.


    Step four: Apply lash glue (we recommend duo adhesive green kind that has a brush applicator) wait for 30 seconds bending the band of the lashes for it becomes flexible. Waiting 30 seconds will get the glue to become tacky for it to apply well to the lash line.


    Step five: apply the lashes close to the lash line looking downward to a mirror with your head titled upward (for comfort) hold for a few seconds to let it dry. Adjust the outer corners of the lash to secure it in place. Push it lightly back and VOILA! You have applied your Missfab Beauty Lashes!


    How do I care for my lashes?

    If your lashes need a clean, be sure to be gentle with the process.


    Step one: soak in warm water with a tiny bit of alcohol for 2 minutes.


    Step two: remove the excess glue gently; be gentle with this process because you don't want to rip the lashes apart.


    Step three: brush out the lashes gently with a mascara spoolie brush ( we provide this in every order) or q-tip.


    Step four: let them air-dry on a paper towel.


    Step five: once they are dry, put it back into its original case and brush them out once more to keep the curl and style in place.


    Step six: keep your lashes in a clean area where they won't collect dust, usually putting them in their original tray will keep the style and shape in place. Never put mascara on your lashes, for that will ruin the lashes. If you keep up with these steps, you can re-wear them multiple times and keep them looking brand new.